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Tracking packages with Track & Trace

So as to ensure the highest level of security for all your deliveries, AGX Group has a comprehensive and efficient tracking system.

The tracking of packages is an additional guarantee of security for shipping medical supplies to hospitals, dental practices and opticians. The Track & Trace tracking system makes it possible to keep an eye on a package, and to locate it swiftly if there’s a problem.

 Each package has a unique identifying number which is scanned at every stage in its journey. This number makes it possible to track the package in real time. Using this number, the addressee or the sender can go online and see the stages its packages have reached.

The package tracking service also makes it possible to send notifications by e-mail or SMS (text message) at every stage if the addressee wishes.

Via the website you can access your reports of collections and deliveries, giving you the following information in real time:

  • The name of the person who received the goods
  • Signature
  • Photo of the delivery, in the case of an overnight delivery
  • The exact location of the delivery
  • The reference
  • Any comment by the driver or person who received the goods

Dependable transport for your medical supplies

Real-time tracking of your packages is a guarantee of our dependability. You can sleep soundly; your medical packages are in good hands. And in case of problems or disputes, the tracking system provides proof that the packages were collected and delivered. It’s an effective solution to claim and counter-claim between the sender, the addressee and the courier.

If required, AGX Group can step in as a matter of urgency to re-route packages or make a last-minute change to the pick-up or delivery point.

At the end of a package’s journey, it is personally delivered and signed for.


You can depend on AGX Group for your next tracked delivery of medical supplies. We support you from A to Z in the handling of your delivery.

Contact us now to arrange for despatch of your package.