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Delivery of Optical Equipment and Supplies to Opticians

AGX Group is also a specialist in the transportation of optical supplies. We deliver goods from suppliers safely to opticians and ophthalmologists

With a wealth of experience in the field of transportation of medical and dental supplies, AGX Group has brought its expertise to the optical sector. AGX now offers a dedicated service for the transportation of optical supplies to ensure delivery to opticians.

AGX Group has factored in the particular needs and expectations of all the experts in the optical sector to create a distribution network that is specific to that sector.

The same fundamental principles of the AGX Group apply:

  • Delivery of optical supplies to opticians by hand during the day and in their letter-boxes or delivery lockers at night.
  • Overnight transport before 05:00.
  • Overnight deliveries are made via letter-boxes, delivery lockers or any other place prearranged with the optician.
  • We are also key-holders for various places that we deliver to.

Transport of optical supplies for opticians

Like the timing belt in an engine, AGX Group provides ideal coordination for the movement of goods between distributors of optical supplies and their clients, the opticians.

This ensures that opticians always have everything they need for their professional work: Lenses and contact lenses, frames and accessories. AGX Group is always ready to give clients the best advice and products.

Suppliers are guaranteed safe arrival of their packages at the correct destination.

Optical suppliers and opticians alike can depend on AGX Group.

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