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Courier Service for Dental Practices and Dental Labs, and their Suppliers

AGX Group is the leader in the Belgian market for the delivery of dental supplies to laboratories and dental practices, day and night. We also maintain the flow of goods between dental practices and their labs

Our expertise in the transport of dental supplies and the dental samples enables us to offer dental practices a courier service that is a perfect match for their needs.

We provide all sorts of transportation between dental practices and dental laboratories. Our couriers are happy to collect dental and oral surgical materials such as bone samples, gum biopsies and other samples to take them to a dental laboratory.

We tailor our procedures to suit each client and each assignment, and so as to comply with the indispensable requirements of time and hygiene for the delivery of dental samples and dental supplies.

AGX Group, trusted partner of dental practices

AGX Group keeps dental practices equipped and supplied by moving goods to and from their suppliers.
We maintain a special working relationship with the various players in the market: Laboratories, suppliers, practices and clinics. They know us, and we know their arrangements for deliveries, especially at night.

We ensure that overnight transport arrives before 05:00. Overnight deliveries are made via letter-boxes, delivery lockers or any other place prearranged with individual dental practices.

We are also key-holders for various places that we deliver to.

In the field of dentistry, you need fast, dependable transport so that dental practices, orthodontists and makers of prosthetics can do their work and help their patients.

Organisation of deliveries to dental practices and dental laboratories

Overnight deliveries are made to places agreed with dentists and dental practices. They arrange for these delivery sites or hold keys for deliveries to letter-boxes and delivery lockers at AGX Group, which acts as a true partner of the dentistry sector.

  • Deliveries of grouped packages overnight before 05:00 in the morning in the various letter-boxes and delivery lockers at reduced rates.
  • Daytime deliveries are made until 17:00 in Belgium and Luxembourg

AGX collects packages from dental labs at the end of the working day and delivers them overnight to dental practices. Collections from dental practices are made during the night so as to deliver dental packages to the dental laboratories as soon as they open.

For your urgent deliveries in the field of dentistry, you can rely on AGX Group

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