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Your Partner for the Transportation of Medical Supplies

AGX Group is an SME courier service working in the field of medical supplies. It has become an indispensable partner for healthcare professionals in Belgium.

Our Story

AGX Group came into being fifteen years ago. After more than 20 years in medical logistics, Gérard created his own courier service for medical goods such as single-use items, implants and wipes.

At first, the AGX team consisted of six drivers, making overnight deliveries to hospitals across Belgium and Luxembourg. The “X” in AGX Group symbolises the swiftness of its transportation service, which is of fundamental importance in this field. Care can’t wait.

A year after Gérard set up AGX, Maxime, who had just finished his studies, joined him He developed the I.T. structure and the Dutch-speaking client base, making it possible to create a daytime delivery team.

Right from the word ‘go’, the two partners understood the special needs of this kind of courier work and, particularly in a medical and hospital environment, the need to provide impeccable client service.

Very soon, dental suppliers contacted AGX for deliveries of dental implants to the letter-boxes or delivery lockers of dental practices overnight, and to be able to offer dentists delivery of their orders in under 12 hours.

Over the years, AGX’s professionalism, expertise and service quality have only increased. Today, their Express Delivery service is recognised as an indispensable partner for the distribution of packages in Belgium and Luxembourg, with dedicated routes for moving goods between clients in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Maxime and Gérard are able to rely on a team of 80 professional and reliable couriers who know how medical environments work. On average, we deliver 10,000 packages per day in Belgium and Luxembourg, operating both day and night.

Fast and efficient delivery: It’s what we do

AGX is a fast and reliable courier service for medical supplies, to hospitals, operating suites, medical practices and other healthcare professionals.

Whatever the reason for sending a package, AGX makes sure it arrives so that healthcare professionals can work in the most favourable circumstances, with all the supplies they need. AGX is your partner to ensure you have the supplies you need.

The AGX Group promise for delivery of medical supplies

  • We use a Track & Trace system for all deliveries.
  • We’re always in touch, 24/7 via our operations room, with real-time information.
  • We listen to your needs, and we operate a logistical structure that meets our clients’ expectations.
  • We meet all our commitments towards clients concerning collection, transport and delivery of goods.
  • We train our staff individually and foster their commitment to ensure optimal compliance with our quality charter.

To ensure high-quality service, AGX Group’s processes are clear, transparent and computerised, and our operations are local and on a human scale. AGX Group is a premium service from a major transport business that provides close customer support.

AGX Group: Facts & Figures

  • A team of professionals dedicated to transporting your packages, with an operations room open 24/7 at Zaventem, near the Brussels ring road and motorways and at the centre of Belgium.
  • 80 drivers on the road every day to deliver your parcels in the shortest possible time.
  • 10,000 packages on average delivered daily in in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • Deliveries in more than 184 hospitals and thousands of dental laboratories and dental practices, as well as ophthalmologists and opticians.
  • A geolocation and Track & Trace service accessible 24 hours per day.

You can depend on AGX Group for your next delivery of medical supplies.

Contact us now to arrange for despatch of your packages.