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Delivery of Medical Supplies to Hospitals

AGX Group manages the transportation of medical supplies from suppliers to hospitals with the greatest care.

Delivering to hospitals requires particular care, whether the package is going to a clinic, an operating suite, the E.R. / A&E department or some other department.

As soon as we receive your package of medical supplies, we ship it in accordance with strict security rules. Our teams of couriers are trained to comply with the entry and exit protocols for hospitals. They know how deliveries to hospitals work, and they understand delivery flows for medical goods. Our couriers know which “inward” point to go to – “goods inward” or “pharmacy inward” – and they know which door to knock on.

Custom service with “In Room Delivery”

We offer an “In Room Delivery” service, which means that a delivery to a hospital is made to the hospital department of your choice; packages are delivered to the medical personnel on duty there. AGX also handles collection of packages to be returned to you. Our delivery routes are designed and optimised to enhance the efficiency and speed of deliveries.

Daytime, Overnight and Express Delivery

Depending on your needs and the circumstances, we deliver to your clients in Belgium and Luxembourg, day and night. Courier services are arranged according to the hospitals’ timetables and needs. The daytime delivery service operates up to 17:00. The overnight delivery service is fast, getting there before 05:00. Express Delivery comes in for ultra-urgent transport so that a patient can receive care as fast as possible.

Associated Services

Overnight Service

Delivery of grouped packages at reduced rates to hospitals and medical practices. Delivery is always made before 05:00 in the morning.

Daytime Service

Delivery of packages to all hospital departments. For example: Operating suite, sterilisation service, oral & dental surgery, dentistry, medical stores, pharmacies, goods inward.

The drivers personally enter the department. This is the In Room Delivery service.


Surgical supplies that have been used in a hospital department, as well as unused supplies, are collected by the drivers. They check the condition of the supplies before taking them back to you.

Express Service

Goods are collected from the client within 30 minutes, and then delivered within the various hospitals with our In Room Delivery service. This is an on-demand courier service.

You can rely on your experts in the transport of medical supplies in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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