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Courier Service dedicated to Medical Supplies

We handle every aspect of transport between your distribution centres or laboratories and your clients, day and night.

We come to collect medical supplies from your warehouses at the end of the working day. These goods then go to our operations centre at Zaventem where they are sorted.

Once the goods have been sorted for delivery, our couriers drive them, day and night, to hospitals, medical centres, dental practices, opticians, ENT departments and private individuals.

Clear, transparent and efficient delivery processes

Overnight deliveries are made to letter-boxes, delivery lockers or places prearranged with your clients.

We are also key-holders for various places that we deliver to.

Deliveries to hospitals are made to the department of your choice, and are handed to medical personnel on duty there.

AGX Group also collects goods that are to be returned to you.

These packages are collected in the same way as deliveries – safely, from sites arranged with your clients. We then deliver the collected goods to you early in the morning, when your offices open.

So as to ensure the highest levels of security for deliveries and returns of your goods, every stage of the process is monitored by an efficient Track & Trace system.

AGX is the ideal partner for your transportation needs in Belgium and Luxembourg, with a high level of security and the shortest possible transit times. Pick-ups and deliveries can also be made outside these regions, upon request.

Daytime transport

Transport for grouped or individual packages, whether for pick-ups, deliveries or returns.

“Before 9 a.m.” service

This service is for urgent deliveries; we undertake to deliver in the morning, before 09:00

Overnight transport

Transport for grouped packages, at reduced rates, to hospitals, medical practices and the letter-boxes or delivery lockers of your clients or other addressees. Delivery is always made before 06:00.

Instant access

Via the website, you can access your reports of collections and deliveries, giving you the following information in real time:

  • The name of the person who received the goods
  • Signature
  • Photo of the delivery, in the case of an overnight delivery
  • The exact location of the delivery
  • The reference
  • Any comment by the driver or person who received the goods

Warehouse Space

Space or logistical services for buffer stocks, such as high-turnover goods and those which are distributed over long periods.

Warehouse Space

Space or logistical services for buffer stocks, such as high-turnover goods and those which are distributed over long periods.

Express Service

Delivery of packages or collection of returns, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including collection of goods and immediate delivery to the addressee (operating suite, E.R. / A&E department, doctor, etc). The operations room is contactable day and night, including the weekend and public holidays.

Organising the transportation of your medical supplies

– The call centre and medical package reception facility is operational from 06:30 to 19:30 on working days.

– Our warehouse sorts goods for delivery, and re-dispatches them to the addressees for day and overnight deliveries.

– Our storage zone makes it possible to keep stocks of materials to be distributed over long periods.

– Our distribution route model is divided into zones depending on the concentrations of hospitals and distribution logistics, for the greatest speed and efficiency.

– The weight and dimensions of the packages are factors in the logistical model. The standard service applies to smaller packages 70 x 50 x 50 cm. For large or heavy packages, or those of unusual shapes, AGX offers a custom service.

– The operations centre at Zaventem is near the Brussels ring road and motorways for deliveries in Flanders, Wallonia and adjoining areas.

Faites confiance à l’expertise d’AGX Group pour votre prochain transport de matériel médical.You can depend on AGX Group for your next delivery of medical supplies.

Contact us now to arrange for despatch of your package.