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AGX Group specialises in the transportation of medical supplies and equipment. The completely dependable courier service for your medical packages throughout Benelux.

AGX Group’s efficient and reliable courier service saves precious time for hospitals and medical practices, as well as for manufacturers and distributors of MEDs (Medical Equipment & Devices). Our “In Room Delivery” service delivers the package right to the department concerned (such as the sterilisation service, operating suite or the pharmacy) and to the right person.

To ensure high-quality service, AGX Group’s processes are clear, transparent and computerised, and our operations are local and on a human scale. AGX Group is a premium service from a major transport business that provides close customer support.

Healthcare professionals can be sure of getting the most effective supply chain and deliveries of medical supplies, allowing them to focus on their core competences – patient treatment and care.

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Express transport of medical supplies in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg

The transportation of medical supplies requires smooth-running logistics to allow for efficient distribution and regular restocking of hospitals, laboratories, clinics, medical practices, dental and orthodontic practices, and opticians. Specialists for more than twenty years in the transport of medical equipment, AGX Group ensures high-quality, professional service thanks to its team of conscientious, reliable, courteous couriers and a fleet of suitable vehicles.


AGX Group’s courier services can be arranged around your timetable and your needs. The daytime delivery service operates up to 17:00. The overnight delivery service is fast, getting there before 05:00. The Express Service is available for urgent transport of packages in exceptional situations that call for rapid delivery of additional medical supplies.

AGX Group delivers throughout Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg

AGX GROUP covers the Benelux, with dedicated collection (pick-up) routes for our clients in the Netherlands, France and Germany. Upon demand, we also pick up outside these geographical areas, either by incorporating these collections into a delivery round or as a special service.

AGX group - Centre hospitalier


AGX Group handles the transport of medical supplies from suppliers to hospitals by delivering direct to the department concerned. This is “In Room Delivery”.

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AGX group - Centre hospitalier

Dental practices & dentistry in general

AGX Group is the market leader in Belgium for delivery of dental supplies to laboratories and dental practices, day and night. We also maintain the flow of goods between dental practices and their labs.

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We deliver optical supplies to opticians, by hand during the day and to their letter-boxes or delivery lockers at night.

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AGX group - Centre hospitalier

Express service

Express transport of medical supplies, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in urgent and critical situations and for specific supply needs.

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Our Services for the Transportation of your Medical Supplies

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